open room in overlapping spaces (2013)

(Vl., Bass-Klar., Klav., Perc.)
(Fl., Ob./Engl.-Hrn., Klar., Fag., Sax. (A/T), Hrn., Tp., Pos., Perc., 2 Vl., Vl., Vcl., Kb.)

Auftragswerk des DEUTSCHEN MUSIKRATS für den European Workshop for Contemporary Music
Warschauer Herbst 2013
produziert 2013 am ZKM Karlsruhe | Institut für Musik und Akustik
open room in overlapping spaces is inspired by the fantastic short story "The Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges. He describes an imaginary (although not imaginable) architecture of a vast library, consisting out of an infinite number hexagonal galleries. On 4 walls of each gallery are bookshelves with books containing everything that is already or could be written by the variation of basic characters.
The other 2 walls are open and connect all galleries horizontally, spiral stairways connect them vertically.
My composition could be heard as a sometimes melancholic trip through the labyrinth of some imaginary musical galleries, containing different variations of the same musical material. Or as a consistent musical room with open walls in a desert, overlapped by moving musical spaces.
The sound material of the 4 loudspeakers alongside the members of the quartet on stage, was synthesized out of electric guitar recordings.
Matthias Ockert 2013